Nathan Abbott Real Estate Agent

Behind the Real Estate Curtain – A Message to Buyers, Sellers and Agents

Nathan Abbott shares the realities of being a real estate agent along Florida’s Emerald Coast.

Hi! I am Nathan Abbott, a real estate agent with the Nathan Abbott Team at ResortQuest Real Estate in Northwest Florida.  I wanted to share with you the true realities of being a real estate agent and what real estate is all about.

Interested in being a Real Estate Agent?

For those of you looking to get into real estate as a career it can be phenomenal job. There’s always a glass ceiling you can break and you can create a great life from real estate sales.

But, you can also get slapped in the face too. Sometimes you may wonder how you’re going to pay your next bill. Real estate is not for the faint at heart. Its extremely hard work. You’ve got to get good at time management. You’ve got to wake up and give yourself personal motivation. It’s really hard to pick yourself up if you’re beaten down all the time. Deals fall apart and a property sale you thought would close sometimes doesn’t.

You have to pick yourself up every morning and say, “You know what, its a new day. I’m going to start over again.” So, for those of you trying to get into real estate, its a great job – but you’ve got to be aware of what you’re getting into. We have agents on our team who have had some very tough times, and to see them pull themselves out of that through this business and create a better life for themselves is an amazing thing to watch. But, you’ve got to be in it full force.

I recommend having about 6 months of reserves to support yourself when you begin your career as a real estate agent with no income. Because, that’s a big reality that may occur and does for many real estate agents.

It takes a lot of time to get comfortable in the market. It usually takes 2-3 years before you start getting in your comfort zone. And, I always try to be a sponge to learn new things. The minute I personally feel that you think you know it all or that you’re doing it perfectly is when you fail -and you fail quickly. To be in a position where I can try to raise up the people on our team to have a better environment for themselves, then it is a testament.

What Makes Real Estate A Valuable Career?

I love changing lives through real estate for the better. That’s really where my passion is. I love relationships. I love connecting with people. I love getting to know the families.

To be able to do that as a real estate agent make real estate a career that I know is meant for me. To be able to help a first time home buyer make that home a reality for them or to meet someone who has saved their whole life to have a second home and you find this perfect condo or beach property where you know they are going to have wonderful memories with their family – that’s what really hits home for me.

I also like solving problems. If there’s a difficult real estate situation, trying to figure out the right solution for all parties involved and to see success through that is  also something I’m really passionate about. Our team lives by a vision to truly raise a higher standard of expectation.

Had a Bad Real Estate Experience or Real Estate Agent?

Let’s be real. The real estate brand is looked poorly upon. A lot of people think Realtors are cut-throat, pushy sales people. That’s what I try to not be.

No one likes to be sold. People like to be connected with. They like to have a relationship. They want to know they are not just another commission. That’s where the true passion and the positive energy comes from for me.

There are a lot of part time real estate agents out there. Unfortunately, a lot of their customers had a very poor experience. It didn’t work out very well for them if the agent was just trying to sell them over and were not sincere and just weren’t real. We really try to keep it real at the Nathan Abbott Team. It makes it hard on the agents who are truly trying to make an impact on this industry to re-correct those bad real estate experiences. It all comes to the relationship. We need to be able to break through those barriers to connect with customers on a personal level and to create a friendship and that keeps on surviving the times.

As a real estate agent, that’s where your business really starts to grow. Even then you can have tough times. We’ve put a lot of energy into our business. But, there are factors at times that you have no control of like the way the market is shifting, a hurricane or natural disaster. The bills don’t stop. And, if you don’t sell property, you may not be able to support your own family.

For anyone interested in purchasing or selling real estate, we want to change any previous bad experiences you’ve had and help you have a positive experience with our team.

Your loyalty to us as real estate agents means everything to us. Sometimes, customers do not realize how much work is put into real estate transactions -everything from initial research to the expenses involved in a listing and the time devoted. It can feel like a dagger in the heart when we put time in and a customer calls another agent at the final hour and closes a deal with them. Keep in mind, if we as real estate agents do not sell property, we may not be able to support our own families.

Through the experience we give you, we want to create an awesome environment, and we cherish when customers are loyal to us as well. And that’s what makes the perfect connection between the real estate agent and their customers. Because, believe me, if an agent knows you’re loyal to them, they are going to be so sincere to you, they’re going to go the extra mile, they’re going to do things for you because they are passionate about your relationship. That’s so much more than just a commission.

Changing the Perception of Today’s Real Estate Agents

I hope shared some valuable information for buyers, sellers and agents. For those of you looking to become a real estate agent, I hope you come on board and give it a shot. But I do want you to be aware of  what you’re getting yourself into.

For those customers that think that there are always Realtors at their disposal, that may be true. But, there is a huge difference between real estate agents who will give back to you the right knowledge and details to create success for you versus agents who will fall short every time. There are about 3,600 agents in our area and only the top 1,000-1,500 are really building their business and creating positive environments for their customers.

We hope we have the opportunity to build a relationship and work with you to help you achieve your real estate goals. The Nathan Abbott Team is always here as your trusted real estate advisors for Florida’s Emerald Coast.

nathan-abbott-realtorNathan Abbott
ResortQuest Real Estate
CEO | Nathan Abbott Team
O: 850.632.0102
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Nathan Abbott Team Core Values

Nathan Abbott Team Core Values

The Nathan Abbott Team Explains Their Core Values

This is the Nathan Abbott Team and we just want to share with you how our core values truly define who we are as an organization.

I would like to start off by introducing everyone on our team: Rachel Simerly – Realtor and Buyer Specialist, Mandy DeBille – Realtor and Closing Coordination, Erin Abbott – Realtor, Vice President and HR, Annie Belter – Realtor and Buyer Specialist, Katy Clegg – Realtor, Administration and Listing Coordination, Amanda Abbott – Realtor and Seller Specialist, Stacie Boudreaux – Realtor and Buyer Specialist.

We are going to share our core values and what they mean to us individually.

We Raise a Higher Standard of Expectation
(Rachel) We are going to start with our first core value, which is “We Raise a Higher Standard of Expectation.”  We do that every day by setting the bar higher for our customers in terms of  what they expect from us. We improve our education. We delivery the ‘wow’ factor. And we improve our industry by improving the perception of the Realtor brand.
We Show Up to Win
(Stacie) We show up daily, ready to accomplish our goals and to rise above the rest.
We are Supportive
(Mandy) We encourage and support each other. And we believe in paying it forward.
We Work Hard and Focus
(Amanda) We outwork our competition. We handle our tasks in a timely manner. We persevere.
We have a Positive Attitude
(Katy) We laugh, smile and are compassionate. We know our attitude determines our future.
We Accept Responsibility
(Annie) We do not place blame on anyone else. We make no excuses.
We Keep it Real
(Erin) We are genuine and honest. We are sincere
(Nathan) What Keep it Real means to me is ‘What you see is what you get’. There is no hidden agenda. We truly work together in a family dynamic. We are open about our feelings and communication. We would be honored to have the opportunity to serve your real estate needs. We want to raise the standard of expectation for you!
Amanda Abbott Surfing Realtor

Amanda Abbott – The Surfing Realtor

Our very own Amanda Abbott, lovingly known as “The Surfing Realtor”, was recently featured in a short video by Wyndham Vacation Rentals.

Amanda is a fantastic real estate agent who enjoys exploring all that Northwest Florida has to offer. Amanda and Nathan’s dad and uncle started one of the first real estate companies in the area—Abbott Realty. Nathan jumped into the real estate business soon after college, but Amanda explored a little before returning home and becoming an agent in her own right.

Somebody once called her “the Surfing Realtor,” which is a good fit. “My favorite thing is to be in the water,” says Amanda. “That’s when I feel most at peace.”

If you grew up in Northwest Florida like the Abbotts have, it can be easy to take the beauty around us for granted. However, Amanda is constantly exploring. She surfs, paddleboards, and motorbikes all around the area. “I’ve traveled all over the world, and I still think it’s one of the nicest places to be,” she says.

Amanda really believes in finding a balance between working hard and taking time for herself. She tries to encourage everyone else to do that, as well. She also does a great job helping her clients find amazing homes that encourage a wonderful lifestyle.

Please enjoy the video and blog below, courtesy of Wyndham Vacation Rentals.

It’s early morning.  The sun is creasing the skyline, as if peeking from its blanket to see if it’s time to get up.  Its slow disposition sets the tone for the sleepy beach towns of Northwest Florida, but not for everyone.

Amanda Abbott, a local to the beaches of Northwest Florida and an adventurer at heart, sips coffee outside her quaint coastal cottage in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, getting ready to stroll down to the beach on her electric bicycle to check out the waves.

Growing up in Destin, FL, Amanda says she always had an adventurous spirit and curious nature. The Abbott name is a staple in the real estate market here, and Amanda is part of the third generation of her family to work in real estate.

“Somebody called me ‘the surfing realtor’ the other day,” says Amanda, “which has a nice little ring to it.”

Amanda’s quest for adventure in her personal and professional life has taken her many places, but Northwest Florida is the place she calls home.  She graduated from Florida State University with a degree in Studio Art and a minor in Business Marketing, and felt compelled to follow her heart to the big city of Chicago. After working in the fashion industry there, she moved to New York City and worked for an apparel showroom, traveling the entire East Coast to work with buyers of specialty boutiques and department stores. It was in this role that Amanda realized her passion and talent for sales, and she returned to Northwest Florida to continue her family’s real estate tradition.

Luckily for her, there is no shortage of adventure in Florida.  As an avid stand up paddle boarder and free diver, Amanda shares one of her favorite dive spots, Cypress Springs, which is just north of Santa Rosa Beach. “People just don’t take the time to actually find these places that are untouched and beautiful and unique, but it’s right around the corner,” says Amanda, “It makes you realize how special this place is.

Brittany Jay Joins the Nathan Abbott Team

Brittany Jay RealtorThe Nathan Abbott Team is proud to announce Britany Jay has joined the team! Brittany was born in Dothan, Alabama but grew up along the Emerald Coast. She has been an established resident of Santa Rosa Beach since 1992. Having grown up in the Florida Panhandle she has had the pleasure of seeing our lucky fishing village grow into the beautiful tourist destination it currently is.

Brittany’s love of the Emerald Coast and FSU football was her primary reason for staying close to home while attending college at Florida State University. At Florida State she majored in Recreation, Tourism and Events with the ultimate goal of planting her roots in the tourism industry right here along the Emerald Coast. After watching the Santa Rosa Beach/30A area explode in the early 2000’s she realized her local knowledge and charismatic attitude was just what the real estate industry needed. Working in the hospitality industry while in school taught her the importance of building relationships to establish life long friendships, and she has carried that with her in her real estate career.

Having been a local along the Emerald Coast for 25 years she has knowledge about the area that many strive to know. She would be happy to assist you find your forever home, investment property, or the perfect place to hang your work boots up and retire.


2016 Top Producer Nathan Abbott Team

Nathan Abbott Team Awarded 2016 Top Producer ResortQuest Real Estate

The Nathan Abbott Team proudly announces they were awarded Top Closed Sales and Top Closed Listings for 2016 at ResortQuest Real Estate Northwest Florida. This is the 5th consecutive year the team has won this prestigious award.

“I feel blessed to be surrounded by such awesome talent!” Nathan Abbott commented after receiving the award.

The team closed over $60,000,000 in real estate transactions during 2016. Since the inception of the team in 2011, total closed transactions exceed $395,000,000, one of the highest sales volumes in the area!

Each year the team continues to grow their sales goals and they consistently reach those goals!

Nathan Abbott Team Sales

2016 – $61 Million
2015 – $42 Million
2014 – $42 Million
2013 – $32 Million
2012 – $28 Million
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