Seller Forms

The Nathan Abbott Team uses a variety of forms to make sure we gather all the information about your property. You can download the forms below, at your convenience, and fill them out before our listing consultation. This will give us a jump-start on getting your property listed and ready for sale.

Seller Information Sheet

Provides us with your information, reason for selling, your time frame and other important details. Download the Seller Information Sheet.

Property Information Sheet

Details about the community, home owners’ association, and other legal paperwork. Download the Property Information Sheet.

Utility List

Download and complete this form to provide potential buyers with all available utility companies and average bill amounts. Download the Utility List.

Pre-Photography Checklist

Use this list to double-check all areas in your property before your scheduled photography session. Download the Pre-Photography Checklist.

Unique Property Story

Every property has a unique story, and we will work together to discover what is valuable and interesting about yours! Buying a home is an emotional experience and you want prospective buyers to make an emotional connection with your property. Buyers who fall in love with a property or community pay more. Complete this form in the most detail possible to help us write the best listing description and target the right buyers for your property. Download the Unique Property Story Form.

88 Types of Turbulence

This list is meant to give you an idea of the many issues that may come up when listing and selling your property. Do not be discouraged, but being prepared for these or similar issues will help you navigate the transaction smoothly. Download 88 Types of Turbulence Flyer.

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